Congress: We need a new COVID-19 relief bill


Major bills passed by Congress so far are full of gaps and don’t go far enough to protect vulnerable communities. The time to act is NOW - let your legislators know that they must consider trans people while passing legislation regarding COVID-19.

The letter provided below is a sample template. Please personalize it to your views and concerns. Here are a few key pieces of information you may wish to reference. Legislation should:

  • Prohibit discrimination in emergency response, health care, and relief programs.
  • Expand unemployment, paid leave, and food assistance for all who need them.
  • Protect everyone, no matter their immigration status or where they work.
  • Quickly move vulnerable people from crowded prisons, jails, shelters, and ICE detention to safe housing.
  • Use every means available for rapid production of life-saving medical supplies.

Congress needs to return to the table now and protect everyone. The virus doesn’t care about gender, immigration status, state lines, or prison gates. Until this difficult time passes, we must come together to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe and healthy.


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Take transgender people into consideration

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