Tell insurance companies, protect ALL patients


In the midst of a global pandemic that has infected millions and killed hundreds of thousands, the Trump administration is allowing the most vulnerable in our community to be stripped of their protections in health care.

Today, in a cruel and despicable move, President Trump’s administration enacted a rule change that encourages discrimination against transgender people in health care by excluding protections from discrimination based on gender identity. With the new rule erasing explicit instructions not to discriminate against transgender people, some health care providers and insurers may rely on this rule to deny care to transgender people.

That’s why were asking health insurance companies, starting with the world’s largest, UnitedHealthcare, to commit to the following to ensure transgender people can stay safe during this terrifying time:

  1. Do NOT take any steps to reduce coverage or services in response to this rule;
  2. Explicitly prohibit gender identity discrimination in your non-discrimination policies;
  3. Continue to provide individuals with full notices of their non-discrimination rights.

Access to health care is a human right. The battle against coronavirus has demonstrated with devastating clarity that the health of every person in this country is interconnected. We must be united to ensure each of us can live and thrive no matter who we are.

If you have a United insurance plan, mention that in your email!


  • CEO David Wichmann


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Tell insurance companies, protect ALL patients

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