Tell Your Senators: Fully Fund the 2020 Census Today


The census comes but once every decade, but shapes how the country functions for years after. The Census Bureau is tasked by the Constitution with counting every single person that calls our country home--regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or immigration status. But, in a purely political move, the Trump administration has just announced that the Census will stop collecting data on September 30.

The Constitution is clear: everyone living in the U.S. must be counted in the census. Trump doesn’t have the power to change that -- and we won’t allow his scare tactics to keep resources out of our communities by undercounting, especially in vulnerable communities like ours.

The census only happens once every decade, and so much rides on an accurate count. In light of the Trump administration’s repeated attempts to discourage undocumented immigrants from filling it out and the global coronavirus pandemic, getting the census right couldn’t be more important.

Remember, everyone counts.


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