Urge Tennessee lawmakers to Protect Trans Youth!

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Politicians in Tennessee are debating a bill that aims to criminalize medical care for transgender youth!

This reckless piece of legislation, known as SB 2696, would penalize doctors simply for providing accepted medical standards of care to young people trying to live as their authentic selves. Young kids and teens; our neighbors, students, and children are being targeted by this harsh bill that would make it a second degree felony to provide medical treatment to support gender transition for any transgender minor.

SB 2696 display a fundamental ignorance about medical treatment for transgender youth. Being a kid is hard enough. Denying best-practice medical care and support to transgender youth can be life-threatening.

We won’t stand by as young trans people are discriminated against in this way. Help us make the voices of this vulnerable community heard, before it’s too late!


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Please oppose HB 2835 & SB 2696!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I am writing to urge you to vote no on the harmful bill SB 2696!

There is no reason why Tennessee youth should be denied the right to best-practice medical care. This bill would cause long-lasting harm to transgender youth by invading the private lives of them and their families through government overreach.

We know that when young people are supported by their families and communities, they thrive.

Thank you for your consideration.

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