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It’s happening again. All across our nation there is a stark rise in the introduction and passing of legislation that is very harmful to LGBTQ youth. From sports bans, to healthcare and bathroom restrictions; make no mistake, transgender kids are being relentlessly attacked! This time, right here in our backyard in Oklahoma. HB 4245 threatens to ban hard-working students from participating in sports simply because of their gender identity.

HB 4245 is an unfair and hurtful bill that would further endanger people in the already vulnerable trans community. We will fight for every single Oklahoma trans person!

The time to act is NOW - let your legislators know that they must reject this discriminatory bill that would harm trans people in our communities.

The letter provided below is a sample template. Please change it to personalize it to your views and concerns. Here are a few key pieces of information you may wish to reference:

  • This bill is unfair and will harm trans people in our community.
  • Passing a bill like HB 4245 would only embolden other discriminatory laws to be passed across the country, putting LGBTQ people in harm’s way, yet again.

We all know that transgender people deserve the opportunity to live their lives without fear of governmental attacks.

Don’t let a few extremist politicians put the trans community at risk!


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Please Vote No on HB 4245!

Dear [Decision Maker],

I'm writing to urge you to vote No to HB 4245.

Kids learn a lot of important lessons in sports: leadership, confidence, self-discipline, self-respect, and what it means to be part of a team. When we tell transgender girls that they can't play girls' sports--or transgender boys that they can't play boys' sports--they miss out on this important childhood experience and all the lessons it teaches.

HB 4245 would prevent transgender young people from participating in sports, hurting already vulnerable children who need our support.

Thank you for your consideration.

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